Sample Planners


“Affiliate Marketing Has Made Businesses Millions and Ordinary People Millionaires.’’-Bo Bennet

The effectiveness of affiliate marketing is well known. It’s a practical technique for any business to increase the appeal of its goods and services. Due to our solid strategic partnerships with numerous digital publishers, you may market your goods and services to a global elite audience.


Our comprehensive yet dynamically managed pool of panelist across the globe enables us to deliver targeted samples with real insights for following prominent domains:


B2C Expertise:

Everyone, from tiny businesses to giant corporations, provides goods and services for customers to use. Utilize our customer feedback surveys to gain insight into how consumers view your brand and assess their level of happiness. Utilize insights to operate your business well. Customers, business associates, and suppliers are all crucial. Engage them in conversation and pay attention to their suggestions for how to make improvements internally. A B2B survey must take into account different business partnership levels. Sample Planner makes sure to collect accurate data at all different reporting levels.


Gain insights about your medical services from the subject matter experts. From latest medicines to medical equipment to services provided at the hospital to ailments like, there is a feedback survey for analysis.


With real-time data from our academic research surveys and polls, you may assess the correctness of your research’s conclusions.

You can assess your customers’ levels of happiness and acquire insightful data by using our consumer-specific questionnaires. By gaining insight into consumer thought processes, you may increase NPS (Net Promoter Score) and increase your customer base.

Enhance user experience, assess visitor demands, and update your website to reflect modern trends. The Sample Planner website feedback surveys assist you in making it more user-friendly. What You See Is What You Buy.

A successful business is built on a strong team. Use our top-notch employee engagement surveys to examine the office environment, employee satisfaction, and complaints (if any).

Utilize internet market research to gather important information about consumer trends, market developments, competition, and more.


a. Ad-Hoc :

By gathering information from a specified sample, we perform short-term studies to target particular business management difficulties and meet the demands of our clients. This kind of research is done on an as-needed basis to accomplish a specific goal.

b. Tracker:

Our tracker study investigates the evolving perspectives of the same group of consumers across time. This kind of research is essential for evaluating the efficacy of a marketing initiative, gauging brand awareness, and tracking customer happiness.

c. Focus Group:

It is a qualitative method of gathering information from a chosen group of individuals with like profiles who come together to offer their opinions on a certain subject or area of interest. They offer thorough information about the thoughts and opinions of a certain group and are adaptable, affordable, and versatile.

d. Bulletin Board:

A qualitative method of gathering people remotely and gathering data through interactive discussion between participants and a moderator is the use of an online bulletin board. When respondents are dispersed around the globe and have varied levels of availability, we employ this strategy to collect data.

e. Diary Studies :

This qualitative technique, also known as experience sampling, enables selected users to document their experience over time. We examine consumer behaviour and derive timely insights from the individualised and actual information gathered.

f. Market Research Online Community (MROC):

For qualitative research, we have a targeted group of individuals who are drawn together by a shared interest.