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Our Services


Make an informed business decision by gaining insight into the thoughts of your target market. Obtain reliable data from our sizable panel pool of recruited global participants.

Whether your survey needs are intricate or straightforward, we can help. Everything from developing surveys to data collection, tabulation, and in-depth analysis can be handled by our skilled teams. We offer technical solutions to complex issues, from customised surveys to templates for numerous feedback surveys. Obtain current insights from thorough and industry-relevant questionnaires that have been tailored to your survey needs.

With the help of our CATI services, a B2B market research method for conducting surveys over the phone, you can reach a sizable portion of a population that is challenging to contact.


Our skilled professionals oversee a variety of panel providers during testing, launch, and project management. We take care of a project’s pre- and post-field requirements. To achieve 360 degree project management, we also assist with supplier negotiations and over-purchasing. All of your projects will be executed flawlessly thanks to our rapid, efficient, and 24 hour services.


For panel management, hiring, online survey solutions, CATI market research, and project management, we offer complete IT support. Your team can easily complete a project from beginning to end thanks to our user-friendly tool’s strong security features.


At Sample Planner, we provide our experience in selecting a reliable, genuine, and diversified panel for our clients while taking into account a variety of demographic data factors. With a number of sacred quality control procedures in place, we make certain that each and every respondent is genuine.