Sample Planners



We convert your survey request into detailed, insightful questionnaires so you may get real-time information from it. We do over 1000 surveys a year, collecting data, managing samples, and thoroughly analysing the results for our clients. While ensuring due diligence and the highest standards of protocol on the back end, we make use of our most recent technologies to make sure that your survey is interesting and relevant for responders on the front end.

Why Survey Programming?

At Sample Planner, we specialize in designing surveys for our clients to gain maximum insights from their target audience while ensuring and engaging the respondents at the same time. Our online survey tools and survey templates help in crating surveys from scratch simplifying your sampling needs.

In order to accurately and efficiently measure respondents' opinion, our six-step method for a good survey design integrates carefully chosen questions with the finest survey design.

Step 1:

We stress the survey’s overall goal and the importance of clearly defining the different topics that need to be covered.

Step 2:

Reach out to the target audience after identifying it and building a panel pool.

Step 3:

The pedagogy we employ is maximum understanding with minimal inquiry. The questionnaire is created in such a way as to extract critical information with few questions, without sacrificing the integrity and quality.

Step 4:

Tabulation: After the respondents have entered their responses, they are kept for in-depth study in an organised manner.

Step 5:

Analysis: We delve a little deeper. Being proactive means figuring out both the effects of the issue and its underlying causes. Our analytics team carefully examines the data gathered so that businesses can take the necessary action.

Step 6 :

We assist you in developing an action plan to accomplish your objectives based on the aforementioned phases.

Data Tabulation:

After offering solutions for more than 5000 surveys, we are fully confident in our ability to present a hand-selected, objective view of the target audience following a careful recruitment process. However, we are aware that only possessing a small amount of data won’t help the situation. Based on behaviour, psychographics, and demographics, the data are arranged by our data tabulation services. The data’s logical, methodical, and ordered format aids in subsequent analysis and interpretation.

Advanced Analytics:

Using tools like Cross Tab, Geo Coding, Data Segmentation, Tabs, GAP Analysis, and Trend Analysis, our skilled analytics team helps businesses make decisions that will eventually improve performance.